HUDHUD TAKES INDIA BY STORM: 6 killed as cyclone tears into Visakhapatnam at 195kmph

Cyclone Hudhud hit India’s east coast with monstrous ferocity on Sunday, killing at least six people and leaving behind a trail of destruction in Andhra Pradesh and neighbouring Odisha.Visakhapatnam which houses two million people and a major naval base was hammered as the cyclone made landfall at around 11.30am.Winds at the speed of 195 kmph brought down power cables and steel towers besides uprooting trees and kutcha houses in the coastal districts.Hudhud was likely to batter a 200-300 km stretch of coastline before losing force inland. Four districts in Andhra Pradesh that are home to more than 14 million people were likely to be worst hit, including about 350 coastal villages.

Out of the six deaths, three were reported from Andhra Pradesh and three from Odisha.
After ducking the devastating effects of the 2004 tsunami and the 1977 cyclone, the “City of Destiny” sadly had its date with disaster when a very severe cyclonic storm Hudhud tore through the city, unleashing widespread destruction and bringing the otherwise bustling city of nearly 20 lakh people to a grinding halt.

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