Has Sonakshi Sinha become more possessive about Shahid Kapoor?

Rumour  has it that they are the latest smitten kittens in town. She is the golden girl riding high on masala box office success, he is the man struggling to hit the jackpot on the ticket window. Sonakshi Sinha & Shahid Kapoor have been the latest ‘item’ for Bollywood gossip mills.
And once again, there can’t be any smoke without fire, can there? So we found out a little piece was doing the rounds. If reports are to be believed, the couple and Jacqueline Fernandez were to perform at a concert in London. The two who deny being in a relationship were to perform separately, so while Sasha was to go jiggy with Miss Fernandez, Shotgun Jr. was to fly solo. The organizers later decided to make the man perform with both the beauties, but turns out the man backed out. Shahid allegedly thought that performing with both the ladies may be too much effort and decided to drop his dance sequence with Jacqueline leaving her stranded.
Sources claim, the bollywood beauty was miffed with Mr Kapoor’s move and if any of this is to be believed, the reason for all the soup was a certain Miss Sinha. A source claims, “Understandably, when Sonakshi got word that Jacqueline (who, interestingly was linked to Shahid earlier) would join them, she was quite upset by the development.

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