Jacqueline Fernandez, Karisma Kapoor: Stars arrive at Sonam Kapoor’s birthday bash

Sonam Kapoor is one fashionista who knows how to turn heads. From blowing her fashion trumpet on the French red carpet during Festival De Cannes to mesmerizing critics and fans alike; Sonam has done it all. While her acting credentials might not be as profound as some of the other actresses of her league, this star kid however, still manages to leave everyone wanting for more, by her sheer presence.


From being a demure, introvert woman who debuted in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Saanwariya to growing into a beautiful swan who has found feet of her own, Sonam Kapoor has earned it on her own accord. Sonam Kapoor has also well shed her father’s cocoon to explore the world through her own eyes. She might have made a few out-of-place comments on her contemporaries; for which she even took a lot of flak, but Sonam has been upfront for all her tongue-in-cheek comments. As the lady celebrated her 29th birthday last night, check out the celebrities and her BFFs who made it to the bash.


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