Pretty Woman, The Godfather, Hangover: Bollywood stars whom we want to see in popular Hollywood remakes!

There is drama, some gravity defying action, a muscular hunk who can single handedly beat any number of goons to pulp, he is superman only he doesn’t wear a brief over his lowers, there is a disarmingly beautiful lady who usually dances around trees and weeps inconsolably in love. There is always a bad man, but somehow even with his army and all those freaky arms, he loses to main man of the frame, some Khan or Kapoor. Basically the quintessential Bollywood hero. There is so much dance, impromptu but yet superbly coordinated and choreographed. And there is an absolutely unbelievable script. That is Indian cinema. Has been for years.  With the new age filmmakers deviating from the obvious, Indian cinema has come to garner more recognition & appreciation on the global platform off late.
So while we won’t delve into the haves and have nots. The dos and don’ts . And the pros and cons of it all. We definitely will make you ponder over one very little thing.
Ever wondered, if some of the most popular western movies were to be remade in Bollywood, who would they star? For instance, wouldn’t a Kareena Kapoor Khan pull off an Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast in Tiffany’s with utmost ease? Or who would play Vivian, the character that Julia Roberts glorified in Pretty Woman were remade with Indian stars?

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