This is how Cong scored a self goal, Indira and Rajiv Gandhi did not hold a graduation degree

In power, the Congress fell short on communication. Out of power, it has overdone it and gifted the BJP a shield to deflect discomfiture over Smriti Irani, the new human resource development minister.

The Congress’s communications chief Ajay Maken had tweeted questioning Smriti Irani’s educational qualification, he said she is not even a graduate. A backlash erupted on the party today, led by the BJP that sought details of the qualifications of the Nehru-Gandhis.
Had Maken kept quiet, the Congress could have enjoyed the sight of the BJP stewing in its own juice. But the BJP smelt blood — and instead of clearing the air on the discrepancy — asked the Congress for the degrees of Sonia.
BJP leader and Union minister Uma Bharati said: “I want to ask them (Congress) ‘what are the educational qualifications of Sonia Gandhi’, because she has headed the UPA and gave directions to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh? The entire UPA government would stand with folded hands outside her door. So Sonia Gandhi, who ran the UPA government, what are her qualifications?”
Asked whether Sonia has a degree, Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi said: “She is not a minister.”
From the information available in the public domain, it does not appear that Sonia, Rajiv Gandhi and Indira Gandhi had degrees. However, Rahul Gandhi holds an MPhil in development economics from Trinity College, University of Cambridge.
The Congress party is in no position to criticise her. One of their foremost leaders Rajiv Gandhi, never completed any degree after leaving the Doon School. He was the prime minister of the country. His mother Indira, never completed her degree at Oxford. Their current leader Sonia Gandhi’s educational qualifications are also nothing to write home about. So, they really are not in a position to criticise Irani. It’s like the pot calling the kettle black.

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