Mardaani first look unveiled, Rani Mukerji weaves her magic again

It has been a talking point for way too long, we mean before Mrs. Chopra decided to get hitched secretly at some dream destinantion. Rani Mukerji’s next release has been on everybody’s mind. It had everyone wondering what she’d be like in the movie. Well the name spelt it, she would be the hero of the film. So when Yrf unveiled the first look of their woman of the family’s next, she was trending and how.

Take a good look. Mardaani is here and she looks fiercely stunning. Dressed in a black kurta with some silver strings around her neck and a gun in her hand, Rani Mukerji is wearing her character’s skin with much ease on the poster. With a reduced frame & a striking face, this is her war call to the rest, she is back and she is here only to reign. With a bleeding goon in the background, Rani is seen striking a pose at the door way.
We personally are sold out on this one, she looks good and it suddenly feels like this is going to be her much awaited screen run. And a post note? She hasn’t taken up her husband’s last name officially yet. Refer to poster and you’ll know.

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