Madhu Kishwar EXCLUSIVE: ‘I am ready to APOLOGISE to Smriti Irani if…’

Congress has been utterly decimated, routed through the ranks in the just concluded 2014 parliamentary elections. And, if detractors of the grand old party are to be taken at their face value, the obliteration is there to stay stretched, may be till the day Rahul Gandhi wakes up with a sense of sensitivity for a situation and keeps his dimpled-cheek-smile in control, especially when publicly asked to elucidate the muddy show of his political unit.


It should be no overstatement to make that the latest mandate by people is retribution or castigation for Congress for indulging in vulgar implementation of social welfare schemes which ultimately hit the final nail in the Congress’ coffin. Now, the party is not even fit to put up as major opposition force inside the Parliament.


“Modi-fied” Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) must be taking sigh of relief from this, thinking the dilapidated Congress will barely be able to tender plentiful resistance to them, meaning thereby, the shots are up to be taken for free without worrying about the bartender and the bill.


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