Sorry Narendra Modi critics: BJP’s vote share far higher than the official figure of 31%

Riding on ‘Modi wave’,  the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 282 seats on its own but its vote share stood at only 31 percent. While some say that the vote share of BJP allies (the NDA got 38.2% votes overall), who also fought the polls under Modi‘s leadership, have not been included in the figure, others have said that no party usually crosses a 40 percent vote share in the multi-party systems. It happens only in two-party races that a party gets over 50 percent votes.Quoting Raju Limbachiya, a Modi supporter, R Jagannathan of Firstpost writes the 31 percent relates to BJP votes in the whole country, when it actually fought only 428 seats. If we take the BJP’s vote share in the seats it contested, the party’s figure is closer to 40 percent on an average.


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