Hawker To Hacker-Cracker: Microsoft Offers Son Of A Labourer Rs. 4.85-Crore Annual Package

Delhi News Headlines


He never had money to fund his studies but he never stopped dreaming. When things went really bad financially, he worked as a hawker, gave tuitions but kept working towards his goal to do something different. Although he could not go to IIT because of financial crunch, he refused to buckle down. Now, 21-year-old Virender Raika has been offered whopping Rs. 4.85 crore annual package by software gian Microsoft. He has developed an extraordinary anti-hacking sofware which has earned him this plum job at Mircrosoft. In a one-room house, devoid of basic amenities and practically no power, Virender used to study in candlelight.


The idea to develop an anti-hacking system struck me while I was watching a movie. I saw a girl hacking into a system and then I thought why not develop a system that has a foolproof security. There are ways to hack into a system but no permanent way to secure it. So by working on various cyber theories, 


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