Five Reasons Why Elections Outcome Will Change The Fate Of BJP AAP And Varanasi

India news



The ancient holy city of Varanasi witnessed the mother of all battles this election season, where AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has taken on BJP’s PM candidate Narendra Modi. Polls in Varanasi have attracted massive shows of strength by both the outsiders, also attracting the attention of international media. Varanasi essentially became a direct contest between Modi and Kejriwal, with the others in the fray appearing more like bystanders than participants. It wasn’t so about a month ago. BJP workers were ecstatic that Modi picked Varanasi. 
That he was also contesting from Vadodara in Gujarat didn’t matter. The Congress had yet to announce its candidate though the frontrunner was Ajay Rai. There was speculation that Mukhtar Ansari of Quami Ekta Dal, who finished runner-up in the previous election, was eyeing a return. 

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