SHOCKING TRUTH: Mahabharat’S Duryodhan And Dusashan’S Real Names Were Suyodhan And Susashan

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Who does not know about the two popular characters of Mahabharat – Duryodhan and Dusashan? Duryodhan was the eldest of the 100 Kauravas and the second was Dusashan. They had a major role to play in the war.
But did you know the real name of duryodhan was suyodhan? His actual name was Suyodhan, which means ‘Great Warrior’, but he changed his name to Duryodhan, which means ‘the unconquerable one’ or ‘difficult to fight with’.
Also, the name of Dushashan was Sushashan. He also changed it with his brother.
Click on this slide show to know more…


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