Tehelka Case: ‘Shoma Chaudhary Pressurised To Send Apology On Terms Dictated By The Alleged Victim’, Alleges Tarun Tejpal In Supreme Cour

National  news In English


The sexual harassment case against Tehelka founder editor Tarun Tejpal has taken a new turn. In a bail application filed before Supreme Court last week, Tejpal alleged that he had mailed the apology to the victim under pressure from Shoma Choudhary and the apology was sent on the terms as dictated by the alleged victim.

Tejpal, who has already spent 130 days in jail, moved the Supreme Court for bail after his plea was dismissed by the Bombay High Court.

As per a report published in Mail Today, in a 500-page bail plea,  the Supreme Court that his apology to the victim, being used as key evidence against him, was sent “on the terms of the victim” under pressure from Shoma Chaudhury, the then managing editor of the magazine


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