Missing Malaysian Flight MH370 These False Leads Were Biggest Disappointments

International latest update 



Malaysia on Sunday rejected claims that phone calls were made from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 before it vanished, but refused to rule out any possibility in a so far fruitless investigation over the cause of the jet’s disappearance.


Well, after over a month since the Malaysian plane went missing, there have been several prominent leads which later were dashed. There is a frustrating long list of false leads in the effort to find the jet.


Here are the most prominent moments which raised the hopes of solving the mystery:


March 8: An hour after the Malaysian Airlines went missing, there were rumours on the Internet that the plane had landed safely at an airport in China. The rumours were however turned baseless soon. Later the same day, planes searching for the missing jet found oil slicks in the South China Sea but it was revealed later the oil was not from MH370.



for more details at www.daily.bhaskar.com


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