AbU Azmi Maharashtra Samajwadi Party Chief Has Come Up With A Statement Saying Irrespective Of Consent Any Woman Having Sex With A Man Should Be Hanged

India news In English


After Mulayam Singh Yadav raking up controversy on Thursday by questioning the amended anti-rape law and the death sentence of three men who were convicted of two (Shakti Mills) gangrapes in Mumbai last week, Maharashtra Samajwadi Party chief has come up with a statement saying irrespective of consent any woman having sex with a man should be hanged.
He also claimed that such females only deserve death penalty as per a report published (along with audio conversation) in Mid-Day.
Azmi’s idiotic statement comes only after Samajwadi Party patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav had earlier said in a rally in Moradabad “Ladkon se aisi galtiyan ho jati hain, to iska matlab yeh to nahi ki unhe phaansi de di jaaye (Boys make mistakes, but this doesn’t mean you hang them).”

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