LIVE: Kejriwal On His Way To Meet Autorickshaw Driver Who Slapped Him; Political Masterstroke Or Violation Of Code Of Conduct?



Bjp‘ prime ministerial candidate and Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi is holding a road show before filing his nomination from vadodara seat. Trying to take advantage of his humble background, a tea vendor and a member of the city’s royal family will sign Modi’s papers as his supporter. People have thronged the street to welcome Narendra Modi. Media is extensively covering Modi’s roadshow. Aap leader Arvind Kejriwal seems to have find a way out to divert some attention from Modi. Kejrwial has decided to meet  Lali, an autorickshaw driver, who slapped him on Tuesday in Delhi. Kejriwal is on his way to meet Lali to find out the reason for his anger and behaviour. But, many believe that this borders on the violation of code of conduct as Delhi goes to poll tomorrow and political parites are not allowed to indulge in this kind of campaining now.

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