Is Arjun Kapoor Grumbling About Kissing Alia Bhatt In 2 States?

Bollywood News and Gossip



Bang in the middle of hectic promotions for his forthcoming big ticket film 2 States, Arjun Kapoor, we hear, is getting exasperated with continous references to a kiss that the media has been making. He and Alia have a fleeting kiss in the film, proudly displayed in it’s trailers, and their selfies, have led to much talk about intimacy between the two. 
Arjun, we heard, was telling his PR team, “What am I supposed to say? That I hated kissing Alia Bhatt and found it disgusting?! It was just work, man, a part of the film! And that is ALL that is making headlines. I am tired of this headline spotting. Interviewers come up to me during an interview and say, Boring interview hai, ek headline de do!”

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