Want A Beautiful Wife Like Apsara Urvashi? It Is Possible With This Miraculous Method

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According to the scriptures, along with the earth, there is also heaven and hell. The Lord of heaven is Devraj Indra. In Indra’s court, there are many beautiful women, but the most beautiful of them all are Menaka and Urvashi. If any person wishes for a beautiful wife like Menaka or Urvashi, he should follow this simple yet miraculous method.

The scriptures refer to these apsaras several times. So, who are these apsaras? Many people have this question in their minds? Apsaras are very beautiful and attractive women who have the skill to break people’s meditation. Whenever a common man, saints meditate to please gods, these apsaras out of some intention break their meditation with their looks. Veda mentions it too.

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