64 Qualities Of Lord Krishna No One Knows

Spirituality News

Lord Krishna is also known as ‘Leeladhar’. With his Krishna Leela, he inspired people to be confident and not tolerate violence and non-religious things. It is also evident from this fact that Lord Krishna was a living embodiment of worldly wisdom and powers.

This point is also mentioned in Bagwatpuran in this way —
Prabhvo Sarvavidyanam Sarvagyo Jagadishvaro
Nanyasiddhamalgyanam Guhmano Narehite
(प्रभवौ सर्वविद्यानां सर्वज्ञौ जगदीश्वरौ।
नान्यसिद्धामलज्ञानं गूहमानौ नरेहितैः।।)

This means that Lord Krishna and Balarama are the masters of the universe. They are the source of all knowledge of the world, but still lived among human beings and kept their secrets hidden.

Click on this slide show to know 64 qualities of Lord Krishna that made him favourite of people…


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