Missing Malaysian Airlines Disappearance Of MH 370 Was Well Planned By The Plane Crew

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Nearly two weeks after the Malaysian Airlines flight MH 370 went missing, the search is still on and there is no clue of the whereabouts of the plane. Latest reports suggest that a Norwegian ship had reached the area of search in the Indian Ocean after possible debris was spotted by Australia.


The Royal Australian Air Force has also dispatched an aircraft to the designated spot. The plane has not been relay any possible information due to poor visibility owing to bad weather. However, the exhaustive search operation for the MH370 has resumed in a much clearer weather, with air teams joined by both military and commercial ships as officials scramble to cover the search area.


According to Daily Mail, “Officials are preparing for the worst possible news, with several aviation experts now claiming the remote location of the debris would almost-certainly point to deliberate cockpit intervention, either by the pilots, the crew or passengers. 



for more news at www.daily.bhaskar.com


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