6 Miraculous Things About Rudraksha That No One Knows

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In order to please Lord Shiva, his devotees try various methods related to religion, tradition, etc. Since Shiva is considered to be simple who gets impressed very easily and soon, Shiva Bhakti has special importance especially on the days of the God like Mondays.


From religious point of view, while chanting Shiva’s mantras, one should always use Rudraksha beads. But many devotees are unaware of the fact that certain Rudraksha beads also bring in good luck. Here are 6 ideas of Rudrakshas in this story that bring luck and change your life.


According to the scriptures, chanting Shiva’s mantras with two different chains of Rudraksha beads (each having different numbers of Rudraksha’s in it) fulfill people’s wishes. 



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