LIVE: Gandhinagar Police Stops Arvind Kejriwal’s Convoy On Way To Narendra Modi Residence

ahmedabad latest news

The former Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal‘s convoy, which was heading towards Narendra Modi‘s residence has been stopped by the police on Friday morning. 
12:45 am: Kejriwal returns to Ahmedabad to address a public rally on Saturday.
12: 40 pm: Black flags shown to Arvind Kejriwal
12:35 pm: Manish Sisodia meets Narendra Modi‘s private secretary AK Sharma. 
12:20 pm: Aap‘s politics now includes the right to gate crash, right to a violent protest and the right to take liberties with the truth, Arun Jaitley tells English news channel.
12:10 pm: I’m being told that Narendra Modi didn’t have time to meet, Manish Sisodia is on his way, Kejriwal tells mediapersons.

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