Magical Powers Of Lord Hanuman That No One Knows And Ways To Please Him

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Lord Hanuman among all Gods and Goddesses is the undying one. His form is a combination of apes and humans. Any poor man who worships Lord Hanuman can become rich and if a rich man worships him, he too never gets poor.


There is a common saying about Lord Hanuman that women can’t worship him. Indeed this is confusing. The truth is that even women can worship Lord Hanuman, but they forbidden to pray during their menstrual cycles. 


It has been mentioned in Purans that the mother of Lord Hanuman, Ma Anjani, in her previous birth, was an apsara in Indra Dev’s darbar. Her name was Punjiksthla. She was an ultimate beauty and her nature was very playful. Because of this nature, she used to often offend others. One day she offended a sage who was busy in his tapasya.



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