Unknown Things About Sacred Threads In Hinduism




You must have come across many people wearing different coloured threads on various parts of their body. Wearing sacred threads is a common practice in Hinduism. You will find people wearing threads of various colours like white, black, yellow, red and orange on their wrists or neck and sometimes on the waist.

 Each sacred thread of the Hindu religion has an importance of its own. They are usually tied to a part of the body to ward off evil eye or for prosperity and good health. An interesting fact about these sacred threads of Hinduism is that not all the threads can be worn by every one. The ‘Janeu’ thread for example is worn only by the upper castes of the Hindu religion. Even the yellow thread or the Mangalsutra is worn only by married women. So, do you want to know more about the significance of the sacred threads in Hinduism? Then read on.


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