After Kejriwal Resigns, ‘Time Has Come To Accelerate Efforts, Channelize Anger And Energy To Bring Back AAP Government With A Complete Majority’

A day after Arvind Kejriwal resigned from the post of Delhi Chief Minister, an e-mail newsletter from AAP Tech team says both Congress and BJP clearly have an unholy nexus with the big industrial houses and that swift action against them had left them with no choice but to sabotage the Jan Lokpal bill.
Requesting people of Delhi to give a clear mandate to AAP in the upcoming assembly elections, the letter further says the AAP knew the fight against corruption would not be an easy one. “When we started this fight, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy, We battled all odds, money, muscle and biased reporting, to win 28 seats in December. The time has come for us to accelerate our efforts, channelize our anger and energy to bring back AAP government with a complete majority so we can pass the Jan Lokpal and Swaraj bills.”

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