Arvind Kejriwal’S Resignation Threat May Not Be A Smart Move, AAP Leaders Split Over Delhi CM Decision

Arvind Kejriwal is adamant to go ahead with his Jan Lokpal Bill despite the logjam in Delhi Assembly. Opposition parties have made up their mind that the bill will not be allowed to be presented in the Assembly, if due process of law is not followed. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has threatened to resign if the Jan Lokpal Bill is not passed. Now, some AAP leaders believe that this is not a smart move, when people expect the party to govern and deliver. There is a perception among the people that Arvind Kejriwal is looking for an opportunity to resign and this is not good for the AAP, believe party supporters.


According to a report in the Hindustan Times, Ashok Agarwal, a member of the AAP’s national executive believes instead of threatening to quit, the focus should be on working hard to prove that the party is capable of governance. “The whole country is watching us and I am certain the resignation threat by the Delhi Chief Minister is going to alienate the educated middle class of the country,” Ashok Agarwal said on Thursday.


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