Revealed! Top 10 developed Indian cities with highest number of rich and wealthy people

Despite the ever rising inflation in India, there are rich and wealthy residing in major cities of this country. In India, in last one year, number of billionaires has grown y 1.6%. Statistics of a recent study by Wealth-X and UBS show, amongst all BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), the number of rich in India has increased significantly.
According to the study, number of ultra high net worth (UHNW) women in India has amplified as well by 16%. World UNHW report 2013 says that India has around 1,250 UHNW women. Their collective net worth amounts to Rs. 5852.4 arab. Out of the overall increase in the UHNW club, on an average, an Indian UHNW individual holds wealth worth Rs. 183 crore. 
The report also throws light upon a startling fact that out of these UHNW individuals in India, there are 103 individuals with net worth around Rs. 6,100 crore each. The report enlists 10 cities of the country where these rich folks reside. Film city Mumbai tops the list.
Number of UNHW individuals
Year 2013: 2,135
Year 2012: 2,105
Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of India other than being the film city. It contributes maximum to the GDP and revenue generation. Industrial giants such as L&T, Tata Group, Godrej, Reliance, etc. have their headquarters in Mumbai city.
Number of UNHW individuals
Year 2013: 1,980
Year 2012: 1,945
India’s capital Delhi ranks second in the list of cities with maximum UHNW individuals. It is the commercial hub of North India. When it comes to per capita income, Delhi leads the league.
Number of UNHW individuals
Year 2013: 750
Year 2012: 720
Bengaluru is the IT (Information Technology) hub and is known as Silicon Valley of India. The city accounts to majority of software exports of the country. Bengaluru’s per capita income is amongst the top ranking cities. The city is home to the leading IT firms like Wipro and Infosys.
Number of UNHW individuals
Year 2013: 635
Year 2012: 640
Kolkata is hub of trade and commerce of East and North-East India. Service sector of the city is highly developed. Leading companies like ITC, Coal India, Britannia, etc. have their headquarters in Kolkata. Leading PSU Banks like Allahabad Bank, Yuko Bank and United Bank of India have their headquarters in Kolkata.
Number of UNHW individuals
Year 2013: 540
Year 2012: 535
Hyderabad is the capital and commercial and IT hub of Andhra Pradesh. Maximum state GDP and revenue is generated from this city. The city also has a vast service sector. The city centres more than 1,300 IT firms, which include Microsoft, IBM and Yahoo.

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